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Director's BloG                     

Great Concert Folks!!! 

Thank you for being you!  Your talent, intelligence, strength, and dedication is the heartbeat of all that we do.  The maturity displayed this year has been remarkable. You have been self-lead pioneers in making new history while preserving the traditions of excellence in our program’s 51st year of providing positively life-changing experiences through music.    Bravo!  Bravo!


Another season’s over and what an anxious one it’s been! When I first climbed the marching band tower four months ago, I would never have thought that we’d grow such leaps and bounds.  We’ve had a phenomenal season.  We saw our share of success, overcame many obstacles and even dealt with a few days of rotten luck.  But we always pulled through.  Mr. Stowers, our band staff and I each agree; we have never seen a group of students grow so much in such short time.  The strives this band has made are tremendous and your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Congratulations to each and all!

As we pack away the marching gear, take a short moment to prosper in our accomplishments.  -It’s all on you after all.   But rest quickly, because we’re ever at it again.  One of the great things about this activity is that there’s always room for growth.  We’re onto the next great thing now.  --And I couldn’t be more excited!

I couldn’t possibly end without saying “thank you” to the dozens of people young and old who make this band what it is.  We have a group of parents that can make anything happen.  --I’ve tested this theory, and they’ve always come through!    We have school administrators on our side and they continue to support our program’s growth.  Our community support is second to none.  I appreciate all of you!

There’s an old coach's saying that “it matters not if you win or lose, but how you play the game”.   Speaking without reservation, it’s an honor and a privilege to be associated with a group of people who play the game so well.


Welcome all veterans and new members to the 51st season of the Nicholas County Bands!  Since its inception in 1963, the award-winning NC Bands have dramatically evolved in performance style and quality. The band's positive reputation around the school, community and state shows that we are firmly established as a modern music program!  Demand for acceptance into the NC Bands continues to remain strong and we will once again be near capacity with the 2014-2015 band program! You should be extremely proud to be a member of such a respected organization, and I hope this year can be the best one yet for the Nicholas County Bands!

3.31.14  NC Band and Cheerleaders,   

My (Reds) hat is off to you.  --What a show!  What a day! The whole package was top-notch.  Speaking on behalf of everyone who shared the day with you; we’re beaming with pride.   I thank you all.  Not only did you boldly represent our school and community with your hard earned talent and class, --but you …made a lot of people happy.         

...and that’s a beautiful thing.