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Welcome all veterans and new members to the 51st season of the Nicholas County Bands!  Since its inception in 1963, the award-winning NC Bands have dramatically evolved in performance style and quality. The band's positive reputation around the school, community and state shows that we are firmly established as a modern music program!  Demand for acceptance into the NC Bands continues to remain strong and we will once again be near capacity with the 2014-2015 band program! You should be extremely proud to be a member of such a respected organization, and I hope this year can be the best one yet for the Nicholas County Bands!

3.31.14  NC Band and Cheerleaders,   

My (Reds) hat is off to you.  --What a show!  What a day! The whole package was top-notch.  Speaking on behalf of everyone who shared the day with you; we’re beaming with pride.   I thank you all.  Not only did you boldly represent our school and community with your hard earned talent and class, --but you …made a lot of people happy.         

...and that’s a beautiful thing.